Welcome to TAPS - 

Teen and Parent Service Society

TAPS is the inspiration of Melanie Knoth English. It was founded on February 1, 2002 with the help of Christy Deibert, Robson English, Rhonda Montgomery and Cindy Sakai. On February 25, 2002, eighteen teens and their parents became Charter Members in TAPS. Today, there are over 170 teen and parent members.

TAPS Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Teen and Parent Service Society (TAPS)? 

The purpose of TAPS, as a private, non-profit organization, is to provide high school girls with a variety of community service opportunities. Teens and parents volunteer in a variety of support areas including animal rescue therapy, childcare, civic, environmental, health, and social welfare. Throughout a teen’s high school years, TAPS teens develop valuable leadership, organization, and teamwork skills. TAPS parents support this learning process and work alongside them in volunteer activities. TAPS’ purpose is exclusively educational, service- oriented, and charitable. TAPS strives for members to work directly with those in need and does not fundraise. 

How did TAPS begin? How large is the organization today? 

TAPS was organized to address the unmet need for service opportunities in the greater Walnut Creek and Diablo Valley communities. In 2002, Melanie Knoth English, along with Christy Deibert, Rhonda Montgomery and Cindy Sakai, founded the Teen and Parent Service Society (TAPS). Today, TAPS is a group of close to 100 teens and parents dedicated to helping others in our community. 

What are the TAPS community service projects? 

TAPS’ signature volunteer projects are with Love-A-Child Missions Homeless Recovery Shelter. Love-A-Child serves needy women and children of Contra Costa County by providing emergency shelter, food, clothing, and hope through substance recovery programs, job training, and educational support. In the summer, TAPS teens partner with local high school boys to teach Love-a-Child children how to swim through our JUMPIN! Program. During the school year, TAPS teen and parent members have worked at Love-A-child refurbishing gardens, providing a carnival of games and activities, preparing and serving a residents lunch, organizing a shopping event with donated clothing, and entertaining residents with a Fall Festival and April's Angels activities. 

TAPS also provides volunteers to other community projects, including Walnut Creek Community Service Day, Monument Crisis Center, Trinity Center, Bay Area Crisis Nursery, Food Bank of Contra Costa, Disaster Relief, Crossroads High School, and many other groups. 

What are the benefits of joining TAPS? 

The most significant benefit is the personal satisfaction of making a positive contribution in our community. TAPS teens and parents develop leadership skills, work directly with other local leaders, and build relationships with diverse, dedicated and talented people in the community. Members learn about the Walnut Creek and Diablo Valley communities and how to work with other organizations to achieve a common goal.